Chef Driven Meals Made OnSite!!

Who Is Untamed Kitchen??

Since 2015 Untamed Kitchen has shown a flair for unique food from the sea, the local pub, and street food. While the menu varies with location, you can always find something to fit with almost anyone.

By far, the most popular item is our unique pineapple “boats” which include sweet n sour chicken, sweet n sour shrimp, or surf n turf. This has become something that customers far and wide run to the window to catch!

For the “pub” type foodie there are unique tacos such as regular beef, “drunken” steak, shrimp, and yellowfin tuna. For the quesadilla enthusiast, there is the most popular, Cuban Quesadilla.

For the fry lover, there are fries galore starting with their AWARD WINNING Mac n Cheese Fries or Nachos with toppings that make them so unique such as “drunken”, beef, cheesesteak, and taco. On special occassions you can even see the pull out of the TOP WINNING Louisiana Crab Boil Fries topped with Mac n Cheese, Shrimp, Crab, Andouille Sausage, Crawfish, and Corn!

Want heat? Check out the Big Kahuna Burger with double reaper pickles, fireball pineapple, and fireball bbq sauce.

No matter what you pick, you are sure to win with this fun, family-owned food truck!

HOA's & Communities

Yes! We come out and serve local communities from Bradenton & as far south as Ft Myers. We do not charge a minimum for this, however we do require you to market so your community gets to know us and our menu before we arrive to serve! Your community sharing our menu and our scheduled date is IMPERATIVE to our success at your venue and us being able to continue to bring you our offerings!!

Click below for more info and contact!

Catering for Weddings, & Parties

Do you have a special event coming up and you need to take getting the food off your list of things to do? We've got you covered!

Yes, we can customize a UNIQUE menu that fits YOUR style and theme!

We will sit down with you and plan a specific menu that you want to make your guests impressed with your menu and excite everyones taste buds!!


We Love Events!!!

Do you have an event you would like us to participate in??? We can handle BIG EVENTS!! Click below and let"s make contact!!

Events we've done or hosted:

*Inkmasters Sarasota

*Food Trucks Tunes & Pirates

*Food Trucks Tunes & Brews

*Mac N Cheese Fest



*Sarasota Pineapple Drop

*Gator Club Sarasota Halloween Block Party

*Gator Club Sarasota

*St. Patty's Day Block Party

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